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Business english Editing Service


Purpose-driven, clear and efficient emails, translations, presentations, business plans and proposals, reports, product and service descriptions and more.


Business Emails Editing Service

Good emails are clear, concise, informative, well-organized and without cliches. We can help you write critical emails, edit and proofread emails you’ve already written, or teach you how to write them. Also we can assist with legal documents editing and proofreading. Let us know how we can help.

business correspondence letter writing

Copy-written Email

Client explained what she wanted to explain and I wrote the email for her.

english translation editing service

Business English Translations Editing 

AI is a great tool for some things, but not for high-stakes translations. AI can never replicate language nuance, insider knowledge, or industry experience. No matter how advanced the translation technology – or skilled the translator – you need a second pair of [human] eyes with “boots on the ground” training and real world experience to polish the final product. Order our English translation editing service. Your project will be completed by native English speaker.

Business English Editing Sevice: Presentations

The days of text-heavy presentations are gone. Trending now are ultra-visual, compelling, conversation-based presentations. If you need help with business presentation, our professional editor is ready to assist you. We can help you create impactful presentations by using:

  • Anecdotes
  • Provocative statements
  • Rhetorical questions
  • Informative outlines
  • Statistics and tables

Your audience doesn’t want to read your slides – they want to hear you!

professional business presentation help

Presentation copy before/after



English Editing Service: Business Plans and Proposals

We’ll help you put the final polish on your business plans and proposals, ensuring your needs and goals are clearly defined, your data and sections are well-organized, and your text is to-the-point and error free. Order our professional proofreading and editing services online.

Coming Soon

English Editing Service: Product and Service Descriptions

We’ll help you move your product or sell your service faster by appealing to your target audience and ensuring your specifications and purpose are clearly outlined and accurately described.

service and product description writing

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