private Business and general English Courses With a Professional native english speaker Teacher

Business and general English Courses With a Native English-Speaking Teacher


Levels: A2-C2


Improve all your English skills for business, work and life. We offer a diverse range of modern and relevant topics, formats and activities.  Choose a stand-alone course or mix-and-match lessons to create a truly custom learning experience. All courses are designed with the needs of the international professional in mind.






Foundations of Modern Writing Course

Learn techniques for writing efficiently with clear, concise and accurate sentence constructions and wording. It’s modern writing for international business and law.

Based on and inspired by real world texts, habits and mistakes, this interactive and relevant workshop has been designed specifically for international business and legal professionals who would like to improve their business writing skills and succeed in writing professional correspondence.


The Foundations writing workshop will also benefit specialists and practitioners in all other non-native English speaking countries who wish to elevate their written English skills and receive practical guidance and answers to their most pressing questions. You will learn methods for transforming archaic, inefficient, ambiguous and broken English into modern and natural English writing within the context of intellectual property and international law, trade policy, innovation and technology, and marketing.  You may choose to compliment the Foundations workshop with our business writing and grammar courses.


Format: Workshop
Professional level: all
English level:  intermediate+
Duration:  15-20 hours / 2-2.5 months depending on the student(s)
For individuals:  300 EUR
For groups: (minimum 3 people) 100 EUR per person
Materials:  All lesson materials are included
Location:  in-office if location and technology permit, otherwise remotely via video conferencing software

Workshop Outline

Module I: Efficient Sentence Constructions

1. Using passive v. active
2. There are/is
3. Removing and Replacing nominalizations
4. Removing and Replacing “of” and “of the”

Module I Revision

Module II: Removing Wordiness and Redundancy

5. Removing wordy phrases I
6. Removing wordy phrases II
7. Replacing “the fact that”
8. Redundancies

Module II Revision

Module III: Removing ambiguity and enhancing clarity

9. Replacing archaic terms
10.Breaking long sentences I
11. Breaking long sentences II
12. Formatting lists

Module III Revision 


business english course
english writing skills testing

Business English Courses

This highly contextual, balanced and 100% customisable course covers every business topic you could ever need, from email drafting to negotiations, to sales and marketing, to banking and finance, to international trade, to corporate crime and human resources. You will exercise your speaking, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation skills. 

Advanced English Grammar Course

Advanced grammar topics within the context of international business and law.

This workshop has been designed for international business and legal professionals who already have solid grammar and speaking foundation, but need to refresh and polish their skills or want to level-up. We use real-world contexts and examples and immediately applicable and useful exercises and practice activities. We can tailor this course based on the results of your skills assessment. This course is also a nice compliment to our Foundations of Modern Writing course or as a supplement to a custom speaking program.

Workshop Topics

  • Articles I-II
  • That v. which
  • Gerunds v. infinitives (help, modal verbs, other situations)
  • Reported Speech 1 (reporting verbs grammar)
  • Reported Speech 2 (present and future tenses transformation)
  • Reported Speech 3 (past tenses)
  • Reported Speech 3 (modal verbs)
  • Passive v. Active (all tenses)
  • Verbs of Advice
  • Prepositions
business english course
english writing skills testing

Private Speaking Lessons: Advanced English Speaking Practice and Coaching

We design your lessons to spark discussion that improves your fluency and pronunciation while also polishing your grammar and enhancing your vocabulary through meaningful and relevant context, active practice, error correction and detailed explanations, examples and tutorials.

  • Practice giving presentations and speeches in English
  • Coaching for job interviews in English
  • In-context practice through article-based discussions
  • Targeted speaking practice through grammar- or vocabulary -specific discussion questions

International English Exam Preparation

Preparation for CAE, IELTS and TOEFL for advanced English learners

Our international exam preparation courses are efficient and effective. We work to train all skill areas, with an emphasis on speaking and writing. We cover a broad range of topics and writing styles to help you polish your skills, while also providing valuable exam stratagies. Homework consists of various writing, grammar, listening and reading tasks. We tailor this course based on the results of your skills assessment. Study for your international English exam with a native English speaker. 

business english course
business english private lessons

Private English Lessons for Professionals and Individuals

Custom Learning and Development Programs

From your assessment results, we can create personalized professional development programs for individuals and firms according to your language needs, professional practice and learning style.  

We approach your lessons in a balanced, results-oriented and communicative way using real world texts and film (news reports, documentary clips, TED talks, etc.) covering ultra modern topics from which you have listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and discussion questions. Order online in several clicks and take your English to the next level.

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