Professional English Language Assessments

Our English proficiency testing service for firms and individuals is a great chance to get full picture of your or your employees' language knowledge. We offer comprehensive grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking evaluations with full reporting and recommendations.
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Comprehensive Language Skills & Level Testing

Make critical personnel decisions and design custom learning & development programs for your employees.
Evaluate job candidates or simply understand who needs to improve and how. Full-service English level and skills testing tailor-made for international business professionals.
100% online.

Grammar Testing

Our English grammar assessment is tailor-made for international business professionals.
We comprehensively test the most important grammar categories within relevant contexts.

Verb tenses
Conditionals & modal verbs
Gerunds, infinitives & prepositions
Articles, countable & uncountable nouns
Passive forms in all tenses
Reported speech
Listening Comprehension

Customised listening tests created for your industry and working context.
We select engaging TED films and dialogues to test your listening skills.

Reading Comprehension

Read something interesting
We select meaningful texts for your tests.

Comprehensive Writing Evaluations

How do your writing skills stack up?
Send a 1-page writing sample and we will comprehensively evaluate your writing skills. Find out how you can improve your grammar and modernise your writing stye.

What we evaluate

We check for the top habits and writing styles that impede communication and weaken your writing. We identify instances of writers:
Incorrectly using passives and other indirect constructions
Using wordy phrases, redundancies & clichés
Excessively using "of" and "of the" grammar constructions
Using cliches, jargon & archaic language
Excessive relying on nouns and avoiding more active parts of speech like verbs and adverbs
Using ambiguous writing styles such as vague terms and excessively long sentences

English Speaking Skills Testing

We use the IELTS band indicators, grammar rubrics and specially-formulated
questionnaire to evaluate your speaking skills. Following the speaking test, we'll
understand exactly where you are at the intersection of receptive v. productive
skills, vocabulary range and grammatical accuracy.
Online & convenient
No need for travel. Meet one of our language specialists on Skype or Zoom right from your office.
Efficient & flexible
The speaking assessment takes about 20 minutes. Schedule during your work day.
Methodical & organised
The speaking test includes carefully selected questions that target specific grammar and vocabulary. Each question builds on the last and is designed to increase in difficultly.
Fun & engaging
Your test is very conversational and the questions you'll be asked are interesting and all about YOU. So relax and enjoy yourself!

Receive your results online with a custom dashboard
We use Tableau data visualisation to beautifully display all your test results in one place. Sort results by employee. Compare individuals. View averages in all test categories group-wide.
Get a final score and level assignment in-line with CEFR guidelines for each participant.

How it Works
Select any or all tests. We evaluate individuals all the way to full departments.
Step 1
Complete your grammar, listening & reading tests online. We will send the links to you. Automated scoring.
Step 2
Submit your writing sample. A human will process it.
Step 3
Schedule an online speaking assessment. We'll provide calendar tools for large groups or use yours.
Step 4
Receive your results. Custom, branded dashboard with aggregated data. Completed writing evaluations. Optional recommendations and development plan.
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