Mission & Vision

We aim to support global arts, innovation and business by providing high-end language and communication services that reflect and encourage modern and efficient English

The Niche

BME Consulting was conceptualised and established in 2017 in Moscow as an online, boutique language consultancy that meets the English communication needs of the Russian speaking market. Today, we're based in Germany and have extended our reach. We now operate three service segments: writing & editorial, audio production, and language training and have clients all throughout Europe.

Working remotely, alongside international business development, marketing and PR, talent and HR, localisation, and learning and development teams, we help companies generate powerful and robust English language copy for digital and print media. We also work one-on-one with clients who aim to improve their spoken English.

The Muse
We speak your language.
English writing & communication services for businesses working at the intersections of art & science, business & technology.
Our clients are powerhouses working in defense and security, banking and finance (fintech), international education (edtech), IT and technology, as well as mechanical and electrical engineering. They're all working towards a common goal. And that is to positively transform and optimise the world. Backed by impressive "boots on the ground experience", we quickly understand what's needed to help them achieve their goals.
As editors, we don’t simply paint over a poorly constructed sentence. We rebuild it. We identify the sources of the mess and work to untangle and prevent it.
To us, editing isn't a mere "fixing job". Editing is language engineering. We begin with a problem and goal. We then begin connecting part A to part B and then those parts with parts C and D and so on. We want to reach our end effortlessly and believe reading should not be a cumbersome experience. We smooth sentences, remove blockages, and prevent bottlenecks. Time is our most valuable resource. As editors work with parts of speech like verbs, adverbs and adjectives to optimise read time. We deploy our tools intelligently and from within a common sense framework to construct efficient sentences that reduce obstructions and seamlessly guide readers to their destinations.
On writing
No one is above having their work edited. And every good idea can be made better. It's not a matter of rank or seniority. It's about taking the focus away from you and giving attention to your reader. That is who we write for. You want to be understood. Because that is effective communication. Effective communication makes things happen.
The original elements of style
“When a sentence is made stronger, it usually becomes shorter. Thus, brevity is a by-product of vigor.”
― William Strunk, 1918
Modern style elements
"Stronger sentences usually become shorter. Vigor produces brevity."
― BME Consulting, 2021
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