What we do


Black Market English Consulting was inspired by a long-held desire to help on an individual level in a way that makes a global impact. Today, we help individuals and firms develop their businesses by streamlining and polishing their written English communications and improving their spoken English skills.




Samantha – Owner, Editor and teacher

I’ve never considered

editing a mere “fixing” job.

To me, editing is much more than that – editing is language engineering. Like roadway engineering, we begin with a goal, and then begin connecting part A to part B and then those parts with parts C and D and so on, in order to reach our end and reduce drive time. Traveling the road should not be a cumbersome experience; we should smooth the ground, remove blockages, and prevent bottlenecks. Time is our most valuable resource. In writing and editing, it’s a similar set of variables. Instead of raw materials like water, sand and gravel, editors work with parts of speech like verbs, adverbs and adjectives to optimize read time. We deploy them intelligently and from within a common sense framework to construct efficient sentences that reduce obstructions and seamlessly guide readers to their destinations. As an editor, I don’t simply paint over a poorly constructed sentence. I rebuild it. I identify the sources of the mess and work not only to untangle it, but also to prevent it.

what we do best

Our values


“If you’re on time you’re late”. We always strive to be ahead of deadlines.


Optimized work ethic. Optimized language.  We work smart.


Details matter. Appearances matter. We deliver only our best work.


We select clients based on our ability to lend expertise and provide tremendous value.


Our clients have unique goals and needs. We work on an individual level.


Technical expertise lays the foundation. Creativity brings your project to life. Creative problem solving is at the heart of our niche.

our mission

“We aim to support and encourage global arts, innovation and business by providing high-end writing, editing and language training services that reflect and promote modern and efficient English.”

Samantha, Founder and Owner